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Special Two-Wire Communication Kit with PRO-Series Coiled Tube or Soundwaves/FC Receiver: Motorola JEDI

Current TCI Deal: Starting at $130.00
Manufacturer: TCI-Safariland
Special Two-Wire Palm Microphone Kits provide exceptional two-way communication for a wide array of applications. TACT-LITE Earmold Set (M, L and XL) also supplied with this kit (standard Two-Wire Kits only come with one selected Earmold size).  Available with and without radio adapter for customers who already have the required BDN6676 adapter.

Kits include:
  • High-quality microphone capable of clearly replicating a whisper.
  • Kevlar enhanced cables for enhanced durability.
  • TACT-LITE Earmold Set (M, L and XL)
  • Select your side, Ear Coil preferences and whether you would like the required adapter included with the kit.
  • Soundwaves/FC R3H Ear Coil Upgrade!
  • Black Wires.
  • (2) Adjustable cable retention guides.

Product Options: Customize

Earcoil Preference:
Earmold Included:
Earpiece Side:
Include Radio Required Radio Adapter:

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