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Earpiece Products

Tactical Command Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing Professional Grade earpiece systems for over fourteen years.  There are certainly other earpiece products on the market today, but the market is saturated by inferior import-quality products.  Not at TCI - all of our systems and components are manufactured in the U.S.A.  Likewise, TCI's reputation for product support is unmatched.

We often hear from customers who thought they would buy less expensive products from other companies only to learn how inferior the products are when compared to our products.  We ONLY offer professional grade products because we know what can happen when a product fails in the field during a hazardous situation.  Rest assured, if an issue with a TCI product does arise we offer various levels of support to resolve the matter for you.

TCI is a world-leader in Tactical Earpiece Products and has been so since 1996. We thank you for your business!