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Liberator II and Liberator III BTH Conversion Kit for Ops-Core FAST, Crye Airframe and Highcut Tactical Helmets

MSRP: $58.00
Current TCI Deal: $44.00
Manufacturer: TCI-Safariland
Liberator II and Liberator III Behind-the-Head (BTH) Attachment Kit for Ops-Core FAST, Base Jump Vrye Airframe and other highcut tactical helmets allows operators to attach their tactical headset to specified types of tactical helmets.  It works exceptionally well with Ops-Core helmets with Occ-Dual or advanced nape support straps, while preserving valuable helmet rail space for other gear.
The Liberator II and Liberator III Behind-the-Head (BTH) Attachment Kit was designed as a conversion kit for Liberator II and III BTH headsets to improve modularity, comfort, fit and convenience. Operators can put on their headset and helmet simultaneously, yet quickly detach the headset from the helmet to place on another compatible helmet or so they can wear the headset independently.  
Other attachment systems use the limited rail space of the helmet and the mounting system protrudes outside the normal width if the helmet.  This makes them prone to breakage and removing the headset from them helmet quickly is an endeavor.  In addition, if you happen to break one of the mounting hardware there is no way to ensure proper seal and/or hearing protection.  This is a serious problem in the midst of battle.
The attachment kit is also a cost effective optional accessory, costing a fraction of a dedicated rail mounted system, in addition to allowing the operator to change back to the original headset configuration when needed, quickly and easily.
The Liberator II and Liberator III Behind-the-Head (BTH) Attachment Kit also serves as a standalone headset support system when not wearing a helmet.  We have also found that it makes wearing the headset incredibly comfortable because the weight of the headset is evenly distributed across the shell of the helmet.  The system also allows the earcups of the headset to be repositioned for venting during downtime.  
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Berry Compliant
  • Colors: Coyote Tan, Ranger Green or Black
  • Designed for Liberator II and III BTH Suspension Headsets for use with Ops-Core FAST, Basejump, Crye Airframe and Highcut Tactical Helmets (not compatible with helmets without cutout above earcup of headset)
  • Sold as a Pair (two required per headset)
  • Please contact TCI to confirm compatibility with your headset and helmet.
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