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MAST - Antenna Relocation

M.A.S.T. Version-2, 42" Cable Length with Coyote Harness - NSN 6145-01-584-1657
M.A.S.T. Version-2, 24" Cable Length with Foliage Green Harness - NSN 6145-01-608-5629 
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TCI MAST (Modular Antenna System - Tactical) Antenna Relocation Kit (M.A.S.T.)
Current TCI Deal: Starting at $70.00
TCI MAST (Modular Antenna System - Tactical) Antenna Relocation Kit  (M.A.S.T.)
TCI M.A.S.T. allows operators to mount small tactical radios (MBITR AN/PRC-148, RF-5800 Falcon II, AN/PRC-152, Motorola XTS, XPR, TRBO and APX7000 Series, and PRR, Astro Saber, Kenwood models) improving radio range and ergonomics