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Phonak NANO Digital Inductive Wireless Covert Earpiece (Requires Inductive Loop and Comm Kit)

Current TCI Deal: Starting at $645.00
Manufacturer: Phonak
The NANO Digital - Phonak's smallest and most reliable inductive receiver technology, which features digital sound processing and an anatomically optimized shape, fits perfectly in your ear for high wearing comfort and full discretion. It features an innovative wax-guard system that distinctly simplifies use.
NANO Digital is not a standalone product, which means an Inductive Loop and Communication Kit are also required.  Also, it IS NOT compatible with Phonak Profilo communication kits.  Contact TCI is you require technical guidance on this product.
Inductive earpiece technology utilizes an undetectable magnetic field to provide an audio conduit between the inductive loop and the wireless receiver.  This technology is commonly used for surveillance, media prompting, and close protection applications where invisible communication capability is desired.
NANO Digital receivers can be used with TCI listen-only, Two-Wire and Three-Wire communication systems when used in conjunction with an Inductive Loop. Communication kit and inductive loop are ordered separately.
Phonak is the world leader in this technology!  Phonak performance is unmatched!  NANO Digital is the industry leading Inductive Receiver!

Due to the unique fit and purpose of this product, open packages are not returnable except for warranty or service.
Phonak Intra Digital Earpiece
Phonak Intra Digital Earpiece

Product Options: Customize

Add Inductive Loop:

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