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TCI's Soldier TACT-LITE Earpiece Package with 2.5 MM Connection (For use with TCI MBITR-RSM1 Speaker Mic or Thales Speaker Mic 1600469-4)

Current TCI Deal: Starting at $78.00
Manufacturer: TCI-Safariland
(For use with TCI MBITR-RSM1 Speaker Mic or Thales Speaker Mic 1600469-4)
TCI's world-class earpiece systems offer the finest performance and components you can rely upon when it counts!!! Our TACT-LITE Earpiece systems include your choice of our quality straight or coiled cable options, PRO-Series Clear/Coiled Acoustical Tube or Soundwaves/FC R3H Ear-Coil Upgrade and TACT-LITE Earmold or Sound Attenuation Ear-Insert. TACT-LITE Earpiece System are configured to your specifications for use with your earpiece-compatible remote speaker microphone... The Soundwaves/FC R3H provides excellent audio clarity and a progressive look. The PRO-Series Coiled Acoustical Tube is also a popular choice because of its low-profile (virtually invisible) style. This package includes the best components available, because we understand the importance of a high-performance earpiece.

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For optimal audio clarity and longevity, select the Soundwaves/FC R3H receiver option... The Soundwaves/FC R3H offers a high-tech, progressive look and the latest improvements in audio response. Not subject to problems with condensation accumulation, and discoloration coiled audio tubes.

Selecting Earcoil Type:
  • Soundwaves/FC R3H Earcoils are constructed of flexible, high-quality cable with a high-performance inline speaker.  Select the Soundwaves/FC R3H Earcoil if looking for the highest quality sound and longevity.
  • PRO-Series Earcoils are constructed of high-quality medical grade clear tube.  PRO-Series Earcoils are clear and coiled, for a low-profile appearance.  Audio through the PRO-Series Earcoil is good, but delivery of sound is less efficient than Soundwaves/FC R3H Earcoils because sound is generated at the lower portion of the Earcoil versus Soundwaves/FC R3h Earcoils which produces sound from the upper section of the Earcoil.
Selecting Ear Insert Type (selected under the earmold size dropdown menu) :
  • TACT-LITE Earmolds are non-occluding, which means they allow peripheral sound to enter the ear canal.  This feature is great for maintaining situational awareness, but TACT-LITE Earmolds should never be used for high-noise environments as they do not provide any degree of hearing protection.
  • Sound-Attenuation Ear Inserts are triple flange inserts that are excellent at providing communications in high-noise environments because they seal the ear canal from ambient sound while allowing communication audio to enter the ear canal.  The NNR is 21, but entry of ambient sound can be increased by reducing the ear canal depth of the Ear Insert based upon user preference.
How to Customize Your Order:
  1. Earpiece Size or Type
  2. Earpiece Side
  3. PRO-Series Acoustical Tube or Soundwaves/FC R3H Earcoil Upgrade
  4. MSRP $85.00 to $105.00 based upon options (DOD discounted as shown)
  5. Additional discounts offered when ordering +25 kits
  6. View this item on GSA Advantage
Soundwaves/FC R3H Upgrade Recommended for best longevity and audio performance...  Sound-Attenuation (High-Noise) Ear Insert now offered as an option for high-noise, concerts or special events.

Product Options: Customize

Cable Type:
Earcoil Type:
Earpiece Side:
Earpiece Size:

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Product Reviews

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Wayyyy Better
JP (SOF, USA) 5/10/2011 1:40 PM
We have been issued several different headsets and earpieces. Up to now the earbuds were crap and basically junk. TCI's Soldier Earpiece is awesome and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this to guys looking for a great comm option for speaker mics.