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TCI TACT-MIC MBITR, JEM, PRC-148 / PRC-152 Military Remote Speaker Microphone (TACT-MIC_329 / TACT-MIC_M10)

Current TCI Deal: Starting at $313.00
Manufacturer: TCI-Safariland
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Order a TACT-MIC Speaker Microphone and a TACT-LITE Solider Earpiece online and Receive a FREE Coyote Tan Storage Bag.

TCI TACT-MIC JEM, Urban MBITR, Maritime MBITR, PRC-152, PRC-150 and PRC-117 Remote Speaker Microphones. The Urban version is compatible with Thales PRC-148(v)2 and (v)4, Harris PRC-152, Harris Falcon II, Harris PRC-117, and Harris PRC-150, or Thales Maritime MBITR with Thales 3600190-1 FILL Adapter.  Radio bias power required so this product will not work in RT-1523D, ASIP or PCS-5D radios.  The TACT-MIC with the maritime 10-pin connector is compatible with Thales PRC-148(v)1 and (v)3. 

Shielded and filtered electronics support AM and FM as well as all function modes of your radio.

TCI TACT-MIC Remote Speaker Microphones are made as well as Thales RSM's, but are half the cost.

Features include:
  • Loud and clear speaker.
  • Options for different radio models.
  • Hi/Low Volume Control.
  • RF Shielded and filtered.
  • Built-in 2.5 MM Earpiece Connection. 
  • Compares with Thales Communications Inc. 1600469-4 Speaker Microphone.
  • Select the Urban PRC 6-pin connection or Maritime 10-pin connection based upon your radio type.
  • Made by TCI in the USA.
  • Add a TACT-LITE Soldier Earpiece to your order and receive a FREE Coyote Tan Storage Bag.
  • NOTE: This microphone is only compatible with radios capable of providing microphone bias power, such as PRC-148, PRC-152, PRC-150, and PRC-117.  It is not designed for use with radios that do not provide bias power.
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Also referred to as a Fist Mic or Trucker Mic

    Product Options: Customize

    Radio Compatibility:

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    Product Reviews

    (1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
    Great Kit
    Scott (Australia) 6/20/2012 9:34 AM
    G'day Don, Thought I'd take this oppurtunity to let you know how myself and fellow radio operators are extremely happy with the products we have purchased and received. We have bought the TCI TACT-MIC Remote Speaker with earpieces plus spares. I was overwhelmed by the clarity of the mic and especially with the earpiece attached. Im also looking at purchasing the LIBERATOR III set. One of the boys send back a TACT-MIC to have the coiled cable replaced with a shorter straight cable. This benefits us alot as we can feed it through the MOLLE on our rigs and doesnt take up much real estate. Saying that I like the coiled cable also as it give me extra length if im in a vehicle or whatever. Would also like to know if there are any new prioducts coming soon or upgrades to the great kit you already provide?? Once again, the equipment TCI makes is hands down the best kit I have used yet, and in my trade its what I really need. All the best Scott