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TCI Headset Evaluation (OPEVAL) Program
TCI offers a no obligation Test and Evaluation (T&E) program for tactical headset customers.  CLICK HERE for more info.

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TCI enable customers the ability to create wish lists online that can be dedicated as a public or private wish list.  There are various ways to use the online wish list.
  1. As a list for you to use for future personal purchases.
  2. For you to use as a means of selecting and configuring items so that another person can purchase them for you using your online wish list.
  3. For you to use as a means of selecting and configuring items so that a unit supply officer can can purchase using your online wish list.
The process of setting up and online wish list is very simple. 

  1. Navigate around our website by selecting and configuring items of interest.
  2. As you locate an item of interest, configure the product options as you like and click the link "Add to a new shopping list" instead of the ADD TO CART button.
  3. This will take you to the wish list configuration page where you fill in the fields and select whether you would like your wish list to be private or public.  Private list can only be viewed and accessed by logging into your online account with the user name and password you have defined.  We do not recommend sharing you log in credentials with another party so they can access your shopping list.  On the other hand, you can also make your wish list public and accessible to other parties without sharing your online credentials.
  4. Once you have filled in the field and selected whether your wish list is public or private and then click the SAVE button. 
  5. You will not be charged a fee to use the wish list feature and you will not be charged for items placed or left on your wish list.
Start building your wish list now!